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March 17, 2024

2024/3/17 Green Ireland Festival

本日、12:15-12:30 代々木公園パノラマ広場で行われるGreenIrelandFesにTHIDA出演します。


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March 03, 2024



A cartoon-like story that makes you love Riverdance even more(English Below)




ただ、ダンスの先生が見つからないことが大問題。藁をもすがる気持ちで楽屋口で出待ちすると、プリンシパルダンサーのMichael Patrick Gallagherさんが出てきて、アイルランドにダンスしに移住したけど、誰も知り合いもおらず先生が見つからないことや、アイルランドからサンフランシスコにリバーダンス観にきたことを伝えると、いつまで滞在するのか、明日何時にここに来れるか聞かれて、明日その時間に行くと、リバーダンスのリハーサルやバックステージ案内してくれた。
将来一緒に踊れたらいいねと言ってくれて、リップサービスだろうけど、自分にとってはチャレンジすら出来ないまま自分のダンス旅は終わりを迎えるかもしれない瀬戸際まで来ている状況で、その言葉は大きな夢をくれて、Michael Patさんの、そしてリバーダンスの懐の広さ、優しさを更に感じて、自分にとっては男と男の約束なような、男気に惚れるそんな感じがして、絶対に夢を叶える原動力になったのでした。リムジン後部座席に乗って去っていくMichael Patさん、リバーダンスはやっぱり凄い、夢があるとワクワクして、アイルランドからわざわざ来た甲斐があったなぁと。

そして3年後、2005年にそのMichael Patさんとツアーするという、夢のような話に繋がる出逢いなのでした。

It was 2002, about four months after I moved from Japan to Ireland with the dream of being on stage with Riverdance.

At that time, I didn't know anyone in Ireland, and I couldn't find an Irish dance school where adults and beginners could learn well, so I spent my days studying on my own at home while watching videotapes.

I never dreamed that I wouldn't be able to learn Irish dancing when I came to Ireland, and four months have passed as it is, and my memory of Riverdance, which I want to do, is gradually fading.
Wondering what kind of Riverdance I want to do, I decided to go to San Francisco, USA to watch Riverdance during the Easter holidays when language schools are closed.

After watching the performance, I realized that this is surely what I want to do.
However, the big problem is that I can't find a dance teacher. While I waited at the backstage exit, Michael Patrick Gallagher, a principal dancer, came out and I told him that I had moved to Ireland to dance, but that I didn't know anyone and couldn't find a teacher, and that I had come from Ireland to San Francisco to see Riverdance. He asked me how long I would stay and if I could be here next day.

Next day, he invited me to show Riverdance rehearsals backstage.
Though I'm a beginner who doesn't have a teacher yet,
He told me that he would hope to dance with me in the future. It's lip service, but for me, as I was on the brink of the end of my dance journey without even being able to take on the challenge, those words gave me a big dream. I felt Michael Pat's and Riverdance's great tenderness. On the other hand, it was like a promise as a man for myself. I felt like I was falling in love with Riverdance, and it was definitely the driving force to make my dream come true.
Michael Pat was leaving in the back seat of a limousine,which was so cool. Riverdance was amazing, and I was excited that I had a dream, so it was worth coming all the way from Japan and from Ireland.

Three years later, in 2005, I toured with Michael Pat, an encounter that led to a dream story.

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